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Newborn Photogrpahy

A New Era of newborn photo shoots has blossomed. No longer just for baby models and greeting cards, it has become commonplace for parents to blanket social media with their wee Sophias and Aidans ensconced in cheesecloth cocoons or tucked into rustic wooden buckets. I believe the prevailing newborn shoot aesthetic is deeply dreamy and homespun- Pinterest-y, if you will. It is a great way to hold onto the memories of childhood. This crazy phenomenon can be well explained by the following lines- If you are getting married and you want to capture that day, you hire a wedding photographer. In a similar way, if you have a baby and you want to capture the baby and really have these beautiful moments, then you need to hire a New born photographer. New parents love newborn portraiture. I feel it enables them to capture a fleeting moment in their lives, one that is impossible to get back.
New Born Photography is the only area where photographer is solely responsible. They need to have the well being of the subject as the main priority. Safety is key. Moreover, one tip that will really help the photography is just to be confident enough. This will help to put the parents at ease, soothing the baby and getting those stunning shots.
While every genre of portrait photography has both simple and challenging aspects, there are many things about newborn sessions that might surprise you! 
1. One should reserve the session by second trimester
2. Posed New born baby photography is done within the first two weeks of life.
3. Baby sleep time is the Macro lens time! Use it wisely
4.Be mindful of your Aperture
Social Media has played a massive role in fueling the popularity of newborn photography. People want to post adorable pictures of their babies rather than immediate, wrinkly ones with slight cone heads. The proliferation of digital technology over the last decade has changed all of that. Now, it is much easier to take off the flakiness or smooth out the skin tone so that your baby has a pleasing skin tone. The New Generation is obsessed with the idea of putting everything on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Social media is huge for everyone.

Indeed, newborn shoots paint a picture of bliss and babies who actually sleep, rather than the torment of sleepless nights. Ironically, that chaos is the precise reason why many moms invest in newborn shoot, saying they want to capture the priceless, precious moments they may never clearly remember themselves. They will never see the baby again, all they will have are the pictures.


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