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7 Ways to find Inspiration as a Photographer

I know that a lot of beginner photographers struggle to practice. They don’t live near great landscapes, don’t feel confident taking pictures in the street or simply can’t find inspiration. And sometimes even the experienced photographers seem to run out of ideas and inspiration. However, the only way to improve in photography is to practice. I know it’s not always easy with our busy life. To help you, I’ve listed for you below 10 ways to find inspiration for photographers. 1-       Look at others photographers work. I always find some inspiration in others photographers’ work. Obviously, you don’t want to be copying their pictures or style but you might see something that will inspire you to compose your own original shot. 2-       Social media can be a great source of inspiration Search for the type of photography you would like to see (portraits, Landscapes, Abstract) and you’ll be surprised by the amount of great shots you will see on social media like Facebook, Insta