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How to Capture Wedding Photos: Few Leading Wedding Photo Tips

  The reason why photographing a wedding may be difficult is because it comprises all genres into one. Always prepare to take portraits, still life, action, sometimes travel and landscape, or even crazy underwater images. These tips will help you handle everything and produce wowful results. 1. Put Together a Shots List Every photographer has a set of successful wedding photography poses, but always ask your clients if they have their own ideas on how they would like to be photographed. If the wedding couple wants to have individual pictures with few guests, you should be aware about it and realize how to organize everything in the best possible manner. Think about all details worthy of being captured and write your Wedding Roundup Photos down. 2. Find a Wedding Family Photo Coordinator The most stressful section of the photoshoot is the family photo. People are running around, you are not acquainted with anyone, visitors are in a ‘festive spirit’ often encouraged by a few drinks, for

Tips To Master The Art of Architectural Photography

  In this digital era people consume and view a large quantity of architecture through photographs as opposed to physical, spatial experiences. The advantages of architectural photography are great; it allows people to obtain a visual understanding of buildings they may never get the opportunity to visit in their lifetime. And architectural photography is largely used in real estate business as well. The following tips aim to not only improve the visual strength of your architectural photography, but also the stories that they can tell and it will also help your real estate clients. 1. Shoot in a variety of weather conditions and times of day: People often tend to seek the most dramatic lighting to shoot architectural wonders, such as sunset hours when shadows are long and colors are bright. It only really encapsulates the building’s atmosphere at one specific point in time. Shooting a series of images during different times of the day, or even in various weather conditions, can help t