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Do’s and Don’t for Wedding Photography

Lets chalk out quick Do’s and Don’t for Wedding Photography - preserving moments for decades. The star attraction and focal point of any wedding is the quintessential-BRIDE Who gets the ooh and aah of everyone associated with it. If you are photographer and want success and satisfaction  in creating a priceless life event for your client, do the 1 st thing 1 st , get a prior appointment with the would be bride, let her open up with how she wants her big day to look , the day she has dreamed about since childhood. Start the session with a frank praise -how beautiful and radiant she is looking and clicks the glow she gets with this praise The more relaxed and friendly photographer becomes the more natural and eventful clicks one can have. It’s a possibility she would not be comfy being center stage, unless she is a beauty queen and used to be in lime light, with all the emotional upheaval she will be exposed in the coming day , we expect her to be expressive, radiant, happ