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Tips for photographers to create better reach on social media

Use Trending Hashtags and Topics to Draw More Attention: This is a quick, easy, and fun way to engage in social media culture. You need to be up to speed with relevant hashtags and current trending topics. This will help you to put your page to trending hashtags list and people can follow you up,  especially when you practice this on Instagram. Use Social Media marketing tools for paid and unpaid promotion: There are tons of social media marketing tools available on the internet like Hootsuite, Buffer, Mavsocial, etc. You can use these tools to improve your social media reach. Choose Between Niche Appeal or Massive Diversification: The niche appeal strategy is popular with photographers who specialise in one field. For this strategy to work, all your social media content must follow it. It must be tailored to represent a very recognizable and particular aesthetic. There’s several benefits to niche appeal strategies. Clients interested in booking you will know exact

Why you can’t use presets on every photo

Post production is an essential part of the photography process. A picture does not get published without some finishing applied on them. Automation tools such as presets and actions help speed up this process, but there is a danger in using them. Before we go all crazy on why you should not be using the presets, let’s first discuss what is Preset: Probably the easiest way to explain Presets is that they are preset editing settings. When you’re using Lightroom to edit your photographs, you move controls–called sliders–to change settings like color saturation, brightness, and contrast. If you get a particular combination of settings to your liking, you can then save that combination of settings as a preset–it’s pre-set, get it? When you apply the preset to your photos, it will automatically adjust all of the settings that you had saved. We as a professional retoucher don’t use preset as every image needs a different touch every time, presets can help speed up the process of