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Do’s and Don’t for Wedding Photography

Lets chalk out quick Do’s and Don’t for Wedding Photography- preserving moments for decades.
The star attraction and focal point of any wedding is the quintessential-BRIDE
Who gets the ooh and aah of everyone associated with it.
If you are photographer and want success and satisfaction  in creating a priceless life event for your client, do the 1st thing 1st, get a prior appointment with the would be bride, let her open up with how she wants her big day to look , the day she has dreamed about since childhood.
Start the session with a frank praise -how beautiful and radiant she is looking and clicks the glow she gets with this praise
The more relaxed and friendly photographer becomes the more natural and eventful clicks one can have.
It’s a possibility she would not be comfy being center stage, unless she is a beauty queen and used to be in lime light, with all the emotional upheaval she will be exposed in the coming day , we expect her to be expressive, radiant, happy bride not frightened puppy.
Common complaint brides have is there is no image with her best friends, favorite cousin or aunt.
Get the shoot list from the bride.
2#white is always white
Yes! the bride is always in white, always have a sheet to keep it pearly white. The bridal gown has cost a bomb and will be used as a heirloom for many. Plus the bride would be comfy and carefree if she doesnt have to bother  for her gown getting dirty.
3# Don’t miss the bride and her siblings, and the groom and his siblings- these are the most treasured photos
4# its their day
The day belong to the couple, just become invisible when you are not needed, the two lovebirds want to savour the moment of their life, and those secret glances shared make super clicks.
5# get uncle meddlesome out of the way
I have come across many weddings where Mr. pokyhead try to be in every frame and all too in an frame blocking posture
6# Grand view, or tight crop?
Its should be entirely the bride n groom choice so its better to get this fixed in the beginning as they had spent money on each detail and want it clicked for life
7# Rent a second body or lens for speed!
Once you have done this I bet one would never go back without it. This way you can very quickly switch from telephoto to standard zoom as the wedding party moves around.  
8# capture all the fun the groom and his buddy has.
Though the groom is party to it, but the bride would just re-experience it all while turning the pages of album, as she wasn’t part of it
9# preparation of bride
The bridal dress and the groom attire is the result of several months with so many trials , opinion ,doubts ….so the preparation of bride getting ready –her dress, shoes,makeup,jewellery, hairdo…phew list is long , when both are ready and the look in the mirror, the satisfaction of so many months…..these images show a transformation of both .
10# daddy with his little girls.
This is my favoutire… Every woman may not be queen to her husband, but she is always a princess to her father. This natural bond always translate in the images. The girl  eagar to step in her new life with excitement for new life and father holding on to all what is dear to him at that moment.
11# get the fathers shoot
One of my favorite wedding pictures is of  father and new father in law, standing outside of the church after the ceremony, tuxedo coats off, smoking a cigarette. Ahh what a day, coming to a brilliant end.
12# Ask the bride
Ask the bride what part of her dress she likes the most.  Maybe its the train, maybe its the veil.  Ask her so you can be sure to get the shots of what attracted her to the dress.
13# Take fun photos too!
Take fun photos. It doesn’t have to be all serious. Laughter is a wonderful memory. Running children, boys having fun when the ceremony is over, girls gushing over their dress.
14# Don’t miss the train!
It very common complaint,- “My wedding photographer didn’t get a picture of the train on my dress. 16 years later I’m still annoyed.” Get it right.
15# The one question that is worth more than $5,000 worth of advertising
When you deliver the photos to the bride and she’s thrilled with your work, ask “Who else do you know who might need a photographer?” or best get your photographed with the groupe…..and get viewed by all and be gushed WHAT A PHOTOGRAPHER


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