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It is common knowledge that capturing scintillating jewellery pictures is a daunting task. Filigreed pieces often fail to be captured in full details whereas the reflection from gemstones renders them dull in images. Professional snap clarity also depends on strategic lighting and jewellery dimensions. If you fail to harness the potential of sophisticated camera techniques, your promising business prospects can be dampened by poor photography. This is where jewellery retouching becomes inevitable.

Retouching is imperative to attract the attention of online jewellery shoppers by highlighting to them the exquisiteness of your products. You need to hire professional retouchers knowledgeable about entire effective jewellery retouching techniques to carry out the entire array of touching up activities like removal of background, fine-tuning light, and reflection, eliminating blemishes, adjusting contrast and dark spots, and final image resizing. In fact, there are numerous techniques and best results can be obtained only when they are optimally blended.
Add warmth to your products through captivating images

Image retouching heightens the appeal of professional snaps. This is why jewellery photo editing options are in lofty demand. Shoppers can experience the brilliance of the jewellery from multiple facets through realistic photography in high dimension without actually touching the product. Research has demonstrated that emotional sentiments guide prospects to purchase particular products. Someone wants to lift the mood of his wife, while someone may be interested in seeing a broad smile break on the face of his mother. These emotional values have to find adequate reflection in the image to drive sales. Drearily pictured jewellery would only distract the buyer whereas sharp, shining and spectacular images worked upon by any of the best companies offering jewellery photo retouching services would diffuse warmth that would make one feel emotional

We provide following professional supports in-case of Jewellery Retouching:

  • Color Adjustment
  • Improvement of Gemstone & Precious metal Color
  • Clipping Path
  • Natural Shadow
  • Remove Dust & Remove Poor Reflection
  • Having stone Much more Shinning

We offer Jewellery Retouching or any Jewellery Photo Editing solutions for the jewelries having any type of complexity and made of any materials: from precious metals to costume jewellery, having and without having gems. Jewellery photos need extreme Photoshop manipulations: blemishes removal, color adjustment, re-drawing of vital parts, overlooks and reflections, ensuring the photos much sharper and obviously functioning with jewels. Gems could be kept unprocessed if it is essential to keep their natural features or they could be heavily beautified or retouched up to complete replacement. Our retouch experience in this particular industry makes it quite possible to edit the same image in a different way and in different looks. In such a way we can correct our jewellery retouch towards the same style as existing images in your catalogue or by our own sense if there is no recommendation.

Uretouch takes jewellery retouching orders of any kind of size, any kind of formats and quality – from amateur jpg to RAW data. Our company composes one picture from a number of ones with central aspect bracketing. With our experienced team we use time proven jewellery photo retouching service and editing techniques to clean and enhance your jewellery photos to impress your buyers.



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