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7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Photography Skills

If you want to improve your photography skills then you've came to the right place. Here are 7 simple tips to help photographers improve their photography skills without spending any extra amount of money on gears or equipment.

1. Read the camera manual

When most people buy a brand new DSLR they don't go through the user manual and it is very important if you're buying your first ever camera, as it contains a lot of key information that can help you make the most out of your camera and learn how take better photos.
You’ll learn how to customize the controls of your camera so that you can react to situations faster.
You’ll understand which of the many autofocus options and AF point set-ups will suit different subjects. You’ll know how the camera will handle flash exposures in different shooting modes and more.

2. Take control of focus
In most situation the auto focus (AF) works fine and you can get some decent photos with your camera but if you want to get into photography and take your photography skills to next level then you should definitely take control of focus and shoot with manual focus. In manual mode you have the freedom to focus on what you want like foreground or background and more.
In the beginning it might be difficult for you to use manual focus but with practice and usage you can get good at it and click some really great pictures.

3. Use your gear everyday
It is a well known fact that if you do something on a daily basis then you will get good at it, same goes for your camera. If you want to improve your photography skill then you should use your camera every day, for this you don't necessarily have to go out to new places every day, you can just use your camera at your home or go outside in the streets and try to shoot something interesting. This will improve your knowledge about the frame and camera angle. And you will get used to using your camera in manual mode, which will definitely improve your photography.

4. Get white balance right

You need to get the right white balance in-camera to be able to assess the exposure and colors of your shots and achieve the best results.
Your camera's Automatic White Balance (AWB) setting generally does a pretty good job of capturing colors correctly in most lighting conditions, but it's not unerring.
The main situation in which you'll get better results by using manual preset values is when your subject is dominated by a single color or tone, such as a blue sky, orange sunset or even a large expanse of green grass.
In these situations AWB can set a value to counteract this strong color, so you will get better results by selecting a white balance setting that suits the lighting conditions, such as Sunlight or Shade.

5. Use Tripod
The simple act of using a tripod can dramatically improve the quality of your pictures. A tripod can give you stability when shooting photos, which makes your images come out sharper and more balanced. This will also prevent the risk of having unwanted elements in the frame.
If you're on a tight budget and don't want to spend any extra money on equipments then you can use anything like a table or bunch of books etc, that can be used to stabilize the camera. It will definitely improve your photos.

6.  Follow the photographers you admire

By following the best photographers on social media, regularly checking in on their blogs and learning the stories behind their best photos, you’ll develop your eye for a picture and ultimately improve your own photography.

7. Ask for feedback.

Feedback from others can help you find out what you are doing wrong and what needs to be improved. For this you need to show your photographs to others and get their reviews, you can show it to your friends and post it on your social media and see what people have to say about your photos.


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